Homebrewing is not as complicated as you might think. It will obviously depend on which route you choose to follow. For those adventurous enough to brew their beer from scratch, it is a monstrous task, however, making use of ready to use home breweries is the perfect solution for beginners.

A Flooded Market

The market is filled with items that are used in a home brewing set-up. There are many items that are not negotiable, others that are not necessary, but nice to have, and still others that are down right frivolous. Producing good quality home beer does not require every item on the market, and certainly doesn’t warrant the most expensive there is to offer. With a few basic pieces of equipment, you can achieve successful results.

Keeping It Clean

In any home brewing system it is vital to ensure that your batch of brew is not contaminated, or infected with any kind of germs, or bacteria which could lead to a spoilt brew. Glass carboys with airlocks are the way to go. Trying to cut costs by purchasing plastic will cost you dearly in the long-term. Plastic scratches easily, and scratches are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Plastic also tends to leave your ale with a taste that is less than pleasant. While glass carboys are more fragile, and weighty, they are easy to clean without risking damaging the material.

The Vitals

Your arsenal of brewing equipment should always incorporate a good spoon, the long-handled stainless steel type, and a brew kettle, preferably a five gallon stainless steel brew pot. Bottling supplies are a necessity, whether you choose a hand capper, or the bench variety is a personal preference. Clean, crack-free glass bottles are a must. Bear in mind that a beginner brewer does not require the same equipment as someone who has been brewing their own blends for years.