Home brewing is in itself an experimental process and one that may take a few attempts to master. Once you have the process taped, it is time to start broadening your horizons and expanding your flavour profiles.

Change Your Recipe

It can be quite an exciting adventure finding the perfect blend for your homebrew. The only way to get there is through trial and error. You may end up creating concoctions that you can’t even drink, however, when you do find one that smoothly runs down your throat, and leaves you feeling warm, and fuzzy inside, it will all be worth the effort. Making subtle changes to your recipe can make exceptional changes to the taste.

It’s All In The Yeast

The yeast you decide to incorporate into your recipe will determine the flavour and alcoholic content of your brew. Experiment with different types, and create light, fresh blends, or ones that are a little more alcohol-rich, and dark. Throw in a variety of flavours, and find a mix that provides you with the taste sensation you seek. It isn’t always pleasant to drink a brew with the same taste, changing it up keeps your guessing.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Regardless of the recipe, you choose to use, your equipment is a vital part of the process. It is paramount that the equipment is sterilized each, and every time you start a new batch. Besides the possibility of contamination, remnants of old flavours could mingle with the new and put them in jeopardy. Yeast can develop into a bacteria that pose a health risk. This, being one of the main ingredients in home brewing, makes sterilization a step that cannot be skipped.

Tasting the fruits of your labour is a pleasant experience that only those who have seen the process to the end will be able to understand.