Homebrewing doesn’t have to be as complex as you would think it is. There are home brewing kits available on the market that make the process simple, and effective. If you, however, wish to brew your beer from scratch, the process takes a more complicated turn. Successful beer brewing relies on four main ingredients. The absence of any one of them would spell disaster.


90% of your brew will be made up of water. It is the basis on which the brew is developed. Selecting a water that is flavourful is a wonderful way to incorporate a different taste experience into your brew. Bottles or distilled water is usually the best option to go with, however, if you feel the water from your tap tastes acceptable, then use it, however, boil it first. There are chemicals, and chlorine present in tap water that may interfere with the brewing process. Allow the water to cool properly before use.

Fermented Sugar

Homebrews commonly make use of malted barley to fill the sugar requirement. Ready to use forms of malted barley are found on store shelves. They are most often packages as malt syrup, or malt extract. The ready to use options ensure that fermented sugar is prepared in a manner that will ensure the required reaction throughout.

Yeast, and Hops

Yeast is an integral part in any brewing process, however, don’t use bread yeast. Brewing yeast is cultivated in a particular way for use in the brewing process. The yeast you decide to incorporate into your brew will determine whether the end result is a light, crisp lager, or a more alcoholic, darker ale. The bitter taste associate to beer is achieved through the addition of hops to the mix. The ingredient assists in keeping the brew fresh for a longer period and allows beer lovers the world over, to enjoy the frothy head for a little longer.