Homebrewing is a wonderful hobby to become interested in. The process is one that requires a lot of legwork, to begin with, but once you are into the swing of things, each batch becomes easier than the one that came before. Time is of the essence where brewing is concerned, and rushing the process will not yield the results you seek.

Process Complete, Now The Wait Begins

The process of ranking the brew is not the problem at all. It is the minimum two week wait for the beer to settle before you can even taste the fruits of your labour that can become unbearable. You realize that taking a taste test before the time will ruin the entire experience, but what do you do to keep your mind from the temptation that sits in front of your eyes?

Be Proactive, and Productive

beer background

Use the time waiting wisely. You have just brewed your own beer for goodness sakes. Think big, and get creative. This is the perfect opportunity to search for new recipes or tweak some of your own. There are always new flavours to try. The internet is filled with award-winning ale recipes just waiting for you to try your hand at.

Label It

While this may only be a brew kept just for you, or a few close friends to enjoy, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to look the part. You have the beer settling, it’s bottled, but does it have a name, and a label. Every good beer needs a label to define it. Use your time thinking up names, and designing a label that is fitting for your golden goodness in a bottle.

Home brewing is not for the impatient. It takes time for your brew to reach maturity, and its full potential. Don’t rush it, or you may ruin the batch.